Saturday, 1 November 2014

ShutterLogic Issue 1 is here!

I'm very proud to present the first issue of Shutter\Logic, a brand new free online photography magazine of which I'm now editor!

Here's how we describe it's philosophy:

"So many magazines discuss the ins and outs of HOW photographers made an image. ShutterLogic is all about WHY…

 The magazine explores the mind of photographers to explain the motivation behind the picture. If we can better understand what we were thinking when we made an image, we can better understand why it was a success (and therefore repeat this) or why it didn’t work out so well, so as to try things differently next time…
  SL is a brand new, quarterly online publication with a focus on our attitudes towards the world of photography, both positive and negative, and how these influence the photos we take, how we take them and the gear we choose to create them.     
   Featuring awesome photography from all the key genres, we hope ShutterLogic will inspire creativity, boost confidence and above all encourage you to reassess the way you think about the  art of crafting light…  "

Read the magazine here:
and remember to visit our site at:

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I hope you like what you see. Don't forget to spread the word and help us build a community!

Many thanks,

Peter  x

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