Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Welcome! (and about this blog)

Hi there! My name is Peter Fenech, I'm 19 and a passionate photographer. I'm also new to blogging. I don't consider myself a photographic expert, but I certainly know more about imaging than blogging, so bear with me. Seriously, only a short while ago, if somebody told me they had a blog I would have advised them to see a doctor (assuming they had a mysterious wart or something equally hard to eradicate!) I first picked up a camera seriously about four years ago, after I completed a work experience at a professional photographer's (and family friend's) although I have enjoyed taking 'snaps' for as long as I can remember. I'm now on my second DSLR and have built up a system around my main photographic interests; landscapes and macro. For me there's nothing more satisfying than being up and out on location for a dawn landscape shoot, probably because I'm extremely antisocial and tourists are few and far between at 5am!
       Anyway, enough about me- what about the blog? Well it's mainly aimed at young people like myself, but is just as relevant for anybody with a shred of financial sense. As much as I love photography I, like many others like me I'd imagine, find my age somewhat limiting; I don't have the privilege of an executive job (or a hefty inheritance) and so financing my hobby can be quite difficult at times- and let's face it, if there's one thing you need as a photographer it's cash. All the same, people have often asked me how I still manage to get certain images without items of photo gear they thought essential and I always come back with the same answer- improvisation. I do think one of my strengths is that I actually enjoy getting creative with the equipment I do have, enabling me to confidently substitute the 'ideal' gear with something from my kit bag. Here I'll give away some of the useful tips and tricks I've either thought of myself or learned from other photographers, to help you get the shots you want, even if you find yourself at a 'equipmental' (if that's a word) disadvantage. Well that and other random stuff...! No matter if you're young, or just plain broke, you CAN keep on shooting. You just have to be keen!

Welcome to YKP...
Some quick examples of what I do

My favourite time to shoot is dawn

As you'll start to suspect I'm particularly fond of seascapes

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